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Aircraft Acquisitions

At WingsWest we handle anything and everything related to aircraft acquisitions including an outright purchase as well as an aircraft lease.  Here are some examples of how we help our clients, and how we can help you:
  • We have years of experience with regard to commercial and business aircraft leases and the return of the aircraft from lease on both sides of the table. This experience usually proves invaluable to the client as a business tool.
  • We provide in-depth interaction with your counsel with regard to the technical aspects of the aircraft purchase agreement to effect changes to benefit the client but based upon your input.
  • We make the application for and the procurement of a registration number for the aircraft in the client’s chosen country of registry.
  • We make the initial application to ARINC for the assignment of a unique SELCAL (Selective Call) code for the aircraft.
  • If not already accomplished in the country of registry we provide extensive interaction with the aircraft manufacturer and the air authorities to certify the aircraft for operation in the country of registry.
  • We assist the client, using out many years of experience, to configure the aircraft, the aircraft interior and the aircraft livery.
  • We will coordinate the application and interaction with the aircraft satellite phone provider designated by the client and manufacturer to ensure a smooth transition from one service to another.
  • We will assist the client configure the aircraft Airshow and Airshow Network or equivalent “moving map” cabin flight information display system with the aircraft manufacturer and the various vendors or other vendors the client or in some cases, the manufacturer has chosen
  • We will configure the aircraft High Speed Internet service with the client’s chosen vendor.
  • We handle the interface with the aircraft engine manufacturer to secure a competitively priced engine maintenance plan based upon the client’s plan for the aircraft.
  • We handle the interface with the aircraft manufacturer or third party vendor to secure a maintenance agreement based upon the client’s operating plan for the aircraft.  Our many years of experience with the various aircraft manufacturers will ensure you’ll get the best possible rate for the time period you specify.
  • Provide single point contact and interface with the destination country Customs Broker chosen by the client to import the aircraft into the country of choice.  WingsWest will typically remain with the aircraft through importation at the chosen point of entry to ensure the process is executed without issue.

* WingsWest Aviation Group holds FAA Airframe and Powerplant License #2774221.

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